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    Leadership 2: God’s Love Crossing Human Boundaries - Printed Student Manual
    En stock 1 $29.95
    This download file is for use in the classroom. This is a chapter by chapter presentation of everything that has a Figure number and a caption in the Student Manual. It is not the Teacher's Guide, nor the Student Manual.
    En stock 1 $10.00
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    Leadership 2—God's Love Crossing Human (MIN2042): Thank you for studying Leadership 1 with us, and welcome to Leadership 2: God’s Love Crossing Human Boundaries. We have filled this course with graphics, life stories, questions to discuss, and learning activities. These features will enable you to reach the goals at the beginning of each of the 31 lessons.

    As Leadership 1 focused on the leader’s character and relationships, this course emphasizes the leader’s skills.

    In Unit 1 we introduce the 5 practices of all spiritual leaders, and explore practices 1-3: 1) Modeling the Way by Clarifying Values, 2) Inspiring a Shared Vision, 3) Evaluating Styles of Leading and Deciding.

    Unit 2 covers practices 4 and 5, empowering and encouraging others. Subtopics include recruiting, managing, accountability, appreciation – and team development, coaching and mentoring.

    Unit 3 digs deep into empowering others through resolving conflict. This topic is so important that we spend 12 lessons on it!.

    Student Manual $29.95

    Teacher's Guide $15

    eVisuals: Make your classroom or group study come alive with these 7 Slide Presentations -- One for each chapter in the book. Includes all figures with all the charts plus maps and photos in color. You will receive instructions on how to download this zipped file. $10.00

    NOTE: Print and translation CDs are available for those outside the US who have signed an agreement with Faith & Action. Contact us for more information.